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PEVETO - A Fine Art Resource Management Company "We are in business to share our knowledge about acquiring and assembling art collections that serve specific personalities and withstand the harshest criticism.

Individual Art Consulting

PEVETO Art Advisory Service offers you confidence in the art market. We give guidance and advice in acquiring and collecting
20th Century and Contemporary art; we are your "art counselor". As a client, you can expect personalized advice with insights for creating an important collection that reflects your unique personality. We act as an agent; negotiating the most favorable terms with auction houses, galleries, private dealers and private collections from around the globe. Our advice is based on insight taken from
researching authenticity, condition, provenance, and market context and trends. Our knowledge and experience ultimately
equals savings to you in both time and money. As our relationship with you grows, we want you to understand that acquiring art
is not that dissimilar to traditional investing; it pays to do your homework, but it also is important to understand that, unlike
traditional investments, the true value of art will always lay within you.

    Art Advisory

    • Market Analysis by Interest
    • Acquisition and Deaccession
    • Installation Oversight
    • Negotiating Vendor Services and Special Projects
    • Insurance Assessment

    Collection Management

    • Collection Inventory and Cataloguing Management
    • Planned Collection Rotation and Museum Lending
    • Alarm Services
    • Security Advisor Instruction
    - Security Design
    - Municipal Enforcement, Private Force
    - Security Installation Orientation
    - Security Oversight
    • Residential Management of Art Services

Corporate and Design Industry Art Advisory Services

It would be impossible to think of any well appointed space – family home, reception area or corporate office that did not include art.
Art fulfills several objectives including enhanced physical surroundings and is an expression of image and understanding of culture.
Over the past thirty years, many corporate leaders have recognized the value of art as it pertains to their company culture.
Integrating art in the corporate arena encourages creative thinking and encourages employees to engage in "out of the box"
problem solving skills. Corporate collections also create an opportunity for increasing the public's awareness of a company.
Many corporations loan out pieces or entire collections to museums, carrying the company name in ways advertising cannot.
Strong corporate collections signal appreciation of national culture, lends credibility to the company's community involvement,
and gives longevity to the company name. As the company collection becomes more respected, it also benefits the overall perception of the company.

    Corporate Management of Art Services

    • Oversight of the Logistical Aspects of Acquiring and/or Commissioning Artwork
    - Scope of Servies
    - Primary Objectives
    - Budgetary Guidelines
    - Timeline to Completion
    • Architectural Representation
    • Site Coordination of Art Services
    - Carpentry, Landscape, Alarm, and Irrigation

Becoming a Client

An increasing number of individuals and companies are turning toward professional art advisory services, and why not?
Solid, unbiased advice will help you avoid mistakes and get the most out of the experience. Moreover, giving advice is never a
"one-size-fits-all" strategy. Our advice is only as good as our understanding of you. We know that building a meaningful partnership
does not happen overnight, but instead takes time and attention to understand the priorities that will eventually reside at the heart of your collection. Our greatest wish is simple: to develop long-term partnerships with our clients that are based on mutual trust, satisfaction and peace-of-mind.

2627 Colquitt Street
Houston, Tx 77098


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